1992-2005: pioneering research in bioplastics

Founded in 1992 as a pure R&D company, BIOTEC began in a garage in Emmerich am Rhein with a kind of waffle iron and ingredients from a supermarket. New solutions were really hand-made with a kitchen serving as laboratory.

The initial research objective was to create a starch-foamed biodegradable tray under the brand name BIOPUR, followed by a compostable refuse bag.

In 1997 the norm DIN 54900 for compostable plastics was established with BIOTEC obtaining the first compostable plastic certificate (number 7W0001) for its BIOPLAST GF 102/13 material.

In 2000, BIOTEC launched BIOPLAST TPS®, a 100% plant-based material for soft capsules in pharmaceutical applications.

A further milestone in the company’s history was the launch of BIOPLAST GF 106/02 andBIOPLAST GS 2189 in 2001. To date, both products have been the most successful BIOPLAST grades for blown film and injection moulding applications.

From 2005 onwards: the transition from small scale manufacturing to industrial production

  • BIOTEC launched a remarkable investment programm in production equipment in order to meet the demand for bioplastics from a fast-growing market.
  • A comprehensive range of BIOPLAST resins has been developed in order to meet growing market requirements.

Today, BIOTEC and Arrow Greentech Limited see themselves as leading companies for the supply of bioplastics. With average annual growth of more than 17%, the bioplastics market is expected to reach US$ 2.8 billion in 2018.(CERESANA, 2011)

In this promising market segment, We will continue to enrich and develop our BIOPLAST range and to provide solutions for food packaging, refuse, shopper and carrier bags, tubes and agricultural products.