Being certified OK compost, packaging made from BIOPLAST sees its most relevant end-of-life option in green waste collecting systems.

Refuse bags made from BIOPLAST resins are the preferred packaging for organic waste, as there is no need to separate the bag from its contents; it is directly integrated into the composting procedure. This is why many local communities provide their citizens with BIOPLAST refuse bags.

More than 115 millions of tons of compostable waste are produced every year in Europe, of which only 17% are collected. Depending on the country, collection rates vary from 40% in Austria to less then 10% in 13 other European countries. Whether waste is incinerated or put into landfill, developing compostable waste collection leads to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (as green waste is still incinerated in many countries, a process that requires a lot of energy). Landfilling organic waste also generates methane and other greenhouse gases.

BIOPLAST is relevant for any other form of disposal:
• mechanical recycling
• incineration
• landfill
• and so on

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