Organic waste makes up more than 32% of domestic waste

Composting according to EN 13432 is defined as a biodegradation process controlled by time, under specific aerobic conditions. It can take place in an industrial compost plant or a domestic device.

A classical composting cycle in a plant is spread over 6 to 12 weeks, under controlled conditions: humidity, temperature, aeration.

All products made with BIOPLAST resins fully integrate with composting procedures and are consequently the preferred packaging for organic waste. All products mades with BIOPLAST resins comply with compostability labels such as OK compost and, for some grades, with OK compost HOME.

What does EN 13432 specify?
This European standard covers 4 fields of metrics:

1. Biodegradability
2. Disintegration
3. Absence of heavy metals
4. Ecotoxicity