Dec 16, 2016

Rethinking Plastics

BIOTEC took part in the European Bioplastics Conference; the leading international conference dedicated to bioplastics.

“Rethinking Plastics” was the official title of the 11th European Bioplastics Conference held in Berlin to address the urgent need of redesigning the global plastics economy. The business and discussion forum has evolved into the most important business dialogue for the bioplastics industry.

Latest insights and industry updates have been provided and the interests of more than 350 key stakeholders from the EU and international political institutions along the value chain have been presented. It is a must-attend for established, but also for aspiring players in the industry, as it is complemented by a large exhibition and plenty of opportunities to extend the professional network.

For BIOTEC, the conference was the ideal platform to explore new business opportunities regarding raw materials. In addition, the conference was highly informative due to many interesting speeches. Jean-Marc Nony, Sustainable Development Director of the SPhere group, illustrated relevant aspects of  the French law on Energy Transition and Green Growth, which will ban single use plastic bags and allow other bags only if they are home compostable and partly bio-based as of January 1st, 2017. This is expected to boost the bioplastics industry and open up new perspectives for BIOTEC.